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Winter is Coming. . . .

October 13, 2011


Fuck you, Starks. This is Canada and when winter approach’eth, it fucking approach’eth.  Every year, too, not every 10. However, let me get to the point: With winter comes snow, sub-zero temperatures and miserable fucking weather all ’round. You sure as shit can’t go running around barefoot or get in [cheap] frequent movement. Also, winter […]

I love the smell of cauterized flesh in the evening!

June 7, 2011


Subtitled: “Of biopsies and barefoot experimentation” Just a short update here. An actual post will be coming in the next day or two. So, as of last evening I have two brand-spankin’ new holes in me, one near my navel and the other mid-back. Should anyone ask, I’ll just tell ’em those are the entry […]