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A Practice Lost to the Ages

August 1, 2011


First, I only just got my home internet working again after 19 days without it, so sorry for the lapse! (Thank the gods for smartphones and 3G.) There are a number of posts I’m looking forward to writing and I will get to ’em. . . . eventually. For today, however, I thought I’d chat […]

Of Mud and Barbed Wire

July 4, 2011


First, let me wish American readers a happy 4th of July! Don’t nobody blow any limbs off. Second, this is a bit of a long post. My usual propensity to ramble is only exasperated by my enthusiasm for the subject: The Spartan Race (3+ mile/12+ obstacle “sprint”). July 3 was one helluva day. The Ottawa race was held […]

Where were you. . . .

June 2, 2011


. . .when you heard about the Primal Blueprint? (Since the last post was a fairly negative post, I thought something lighter was in order. Positivity-imbued nostalgia for the save!) So where was I when I found out about the PB? I was in the Aulde Dubliner, a pub in the Byward Market. See that […]

Asshat by Association

June 1, 2011


Warning: Long and relatively nasty rant incoming. Thou hast been warn’ed. There’s a reason I greatly dislike associating myself with any kind of group, club or subculture. Since Sloan said it best, I’ll just quote them: “It’s not the band I hate; it’s their fans.” I love being Primal and considering myself such. However, I […]