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Paleo in the News

October 18, 2011


(featured image is Primal Girl‘s banner, used because that’s where I found these videos, thanks to Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal pointing the way, and she’s in two of the five videos.) In case anyone missed it (which is quite likely), CBS News San Francisco did a 5-part look at Paleo living, and it was approached […]

Of Mud and Barbed Wire

July 4, 2011


First, let me wish American readers a happy 4th of July! Don’t nobody blow any limbs off. Second, this is a bit of a long post. My usual propensity to ramble is only exasperated by my enthusiasm for the subject: The Spartan Race (3+ mile/12+ obstacle “sprint”). July 3 was one helluva day. The Ottawa race was held […]

Asshat by Association

June 1, 2011


Warning: Long and relatively nasty rant incoming. Thou hast been warn’ed. There’s a reason I greatly dislike associating myself with any kind of group, club or subculture. Since Sloan said it best, I’ll just quote them: “It’s not the band I hate; it’s their fans.” I love being Primal and considering myself such. However, I […]