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Since I talk enough silly shit elsewhere on this blog, I’ll keep everything on this page to-the-point.

Sadly, I don’t have much of a “before,” but I’ve got a few that kinda show my starting point, including this belt picture taken on April 1, 2011. The rest are all “in progress” or “during” shots. I’m hoping to have an “after” picture to be proud of by the end of August.

I started on the Primal Blueprint on September 6, 2010. The circumstances are discussed over here, so they need not be repeated.

On the fitness side, I began by only doing the Five Essential Movements found in the Primal Blueprint Fitness eBook (the PBF). I was looking around at other things but just didn’t commit to anything else until much later. That said, the sample week calendar on p. 7 of the PBF was a huge help in terms of understanding how to pace myself. I kept to the Tues/Fri workout schedule there until January 2011.


Date: Before (leading up to Sep 6, 2010)
Weight: 207 lb
Waist: ~36″
Body Fat: 24%

Date: Sep 17, 2010
Weight: 195 lb
Waist: 36″
Body Fat: 22%

Date: Oct 12, 2010
Weight: 190 lb
Waist: 35″
Body Fat: 20%
Pictures: In NYC

Date: Nov 17, 2010
Weight: 182 lb
Waist: 35″
Body Fat: 19%

In January, I gave something called Whole30 a shot. I crashed and burned 9 days in, but O did I crash and burn in style. Really, though, the only differences between it and the Primal Blueprint are cutting all alcohol and dairy, both of which are “in moderation” foods under the PB. Meh.

On top of that, I switched in January from the PBF exercises to something called SimpleFit, a combination of pull-ups, push-ups and squats. Might not seem like much variety, but those three hit almost everything. I did SimpleFit for 10 weeks, until I strained/pulled a muscle (or some damn thing) in my chest. I did no working out from March until early May.

Date: March 3, 2011 (right before chest injury)
Weight: 178 lb
Waist: 33″
Body Fat: ~14%
Pictures: Profile | Front

At this point, I’ll post two belt pictures that show 5″ lost between August 2010 up to March 2011. I had to have a final hole cut in late April. I have now retired that belt and bought a new one. Here are the pictures, anyway: Belt (as of April 1) | Belt (taken on May 26)

It should be noted here that any changes between the previous progress pictures and the May 6 ones were made despite no working out or running at all. They were all diet-based gains, which should come as no surprise to those in the know.

Date: May 6, 2011
Weight: 175 lb
Waist: 31.5″
Body Fat: ~13%
Pictures: Profile | Front | a joke MDA banner, complete with mammoths!

On May 9, 2011, I started up my “Spartacus Challenge,” employing a slightly modified version of the Men’s Health Spartacus Workout circuit. I’m using 10-lb hex dumbbells for it, for now. Might upgrade those in a few weeks to 15 or 20.

July 3, 2011 progress pics: I’ve been using 15-lb dumbbells since the end of May, and the weight is perfect. Here are some pictures from the Spartan Race:

(Okay, I hate wordpress. Can’t set up a separate gallery for some reason, or can’t edit which pictures are included in a gallery. Will figure this out shortly. . . .)

Aug 1, 2011 progress pics:

(Oct 18/2011 update: Sorry, still don’t know what the fark I’m doing and can’t get another gallery going, so those pictures are now dated. I’ll get some new ones up in early Nov or something.)

Regardless, here’s the latest:

Date: Oct 16, 2011
Weight: 162 lb
Waist: 31″
Body Fat: ~13%
Pictures: Sep 11 | Oct 10 (sorry for the mirror shots — ugh)

Fitness Activity Progression:

  • Sep – Dec 2010, the Primal Blueprint Fitness eBook’s Five Essential Movements
  • Jan – Mar 2011, SimpleFit (10 weeks)
  • Mar – May 2011, nothing (chest injury)
  • May – August 2011, Men’s Health Spartacus Workout + shovelglove with a 12-lb sledgehammer
  • August – present, still doing some shovelglove to warm up and was climbing at a climbing gym. Surgery on Sep 30 forced a short rest. I’ll be hitting up kickboxing and back to climbing in late Oct.

Activities/Organized Events:

  • May 7, 2011: Make-A-Wish Foundation of Eastern Ontario’s 10k Walk/Run (raised $265 for terminally-ill kids)
  • July 3, 2011: Spartan Race (3-mile “sprint”). 1:01:26 was my time.
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