1. So. . . who are you, exactly?

Just a guy. Seriously. I ain’t nothin’ special, and that makes me special.

2. What gives you the right to pontificate on issues relating to health?

What gives you the right to read my pontifications? …exactly! To answer in a less dickish way, I’m not a MD, researcher, health specialist, physical trainer, journalist, or unicorn. (Wait, what?!) I’m just some foul-mouthed Canuck who’s been on this little health journey since Sep 2010 and who others find mildly amusing/insightful. Kinda.

3. What program or whatever are you doing or advocating?

Well, I think of health as a coin, the two faces being nutrition and fitness. In terms of nutrition and the principles surrounding activity and fitness, I adhere [pretty closely] to the Primal Blueprint, a Paleo diet/lifestyle. There are a few Paleo camps out there, but that’s the one I follow.

As for fitness, I’m currently doing a slightly modified version of the Men’s Health Spartacus Workout, a 10-station circuit. You can see what else I’ve dabbled in/with over here. All that said, I’m very strongly in favor of La Méthode Naturelle as currently espoused by Erwan Le Corre and MovNat. He’s kinda my fitness hero.

4. Why don’t you just marry him, then?!

Because he’s filed for and received a restraining order against me. It was all just a harmless misunderstanding. I mean, who’d have thought he’d have been so deadset against being kidnapped and held prisoner in a volcano lair/cloning facility?

Oh, my lawyer’s advising me to shut up now.

5. What kinds of things do you write about?

Anything and everything related to the Primal lifestyle and my progress along its path. Sometimes I’ll post a random thought I’ve had that I think others might find insightful. Other times I’ll do an update re: my workout routines or tweaks to diet. I’ll also sometimes fucking rant about random stupidity that exists. This is the Internet. Stupidity is as prevalent as grass in a field. That means there’s no shortage of shit to run at the mouth about.

6. Outside of this blog, what do you do?

I’m an editor.

7. So if your an editor, can we give you shit if we see mistaes?

That’s “you’re” and not “your,” dipshit. And yes, if you see “mistaes” running around fancy-free, you can totally call me on it. Such hubris and moral deficiency would deserve nothing less, after all.

8. Anything else we should know before we decide whether to be assed to read your junk?

If there is, it’s probably over on the About Me page. Waitasec. Are you telling me you didn’t read that first? Bloody hell. Some people’s kids. . . .

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