A Year and a Day

Posted on January 28, 2013


Wow. Way to go, me. You let 366 days go by without a single post. Idiot.

Well, here I am. Back again. Kinda. I think Christmas is a rough time for most Primal/Paleo/health-minded people, and “Christmas” tends to include about two weeks leading up to Xmas and, for me, about five weeks after. Yeah. Ouch. How hurting are you? I’m about 10 lb up. Not for long, though. . . .

This is also the time of January when people are failing with regards to their ill-conceived New Year’s resolutions. So give yourself a pat on the back if you’re one of the Fallen. Don’t beat yourself up, though; we are Legion. The issue is that you made resolutions in the first place, and that’s to be forgiven.

That said, I’m committed with a friend to participating in a Spartan Race trifecta this year. That means a Sprint (5k) in Ottawa on June 15 or 16, a Super Spartan (13k) in Montreal on June 30, and the Beast (20k) back in Ottawa on July 21. That means no fucking around. As of April, I’m back in barefoot running form (thank Jebus), and as of Feb 4 — after my bday — I’m back to full Primal eating and movements. . . Well, maybe with an off cheat day. You know. To be social. Yeah. (shut it, you)

This post isn’t meant to be overly long. It’s to get me back into remembering how to write (derp dee derp) and to let you all know that I’m back. It’ll also be my accountability mechanism, per se. I’ll be looking at some topics over the next while, such as Martin Berkhan’s retirement from fitness writing (RIP, Leangains — thou wert much ripped off by a ton of fuckers, and before that happened, you were way ahead of the curve) and other things that catch my fancy. The truth is that I don’t care about Primal/Paleo/whatever. I care about reasonable health, which means sustainable health. That just so happens to align with most Primal/Paleo stuff, but the dogma and silly-ass shit that has pervaded the whole sphere is discouraging.

Regardless, I plan to return to full filthy-pirate-hooker-mouth form and do my own thing, on my own time. Hope a few of you are still out there to read it. Talk to you soon!