Paleo in the News

Posted on October 18, 2011


(featured image is Primal Girl‘s banner, used because that’s where I found these videos, thanks to Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal pointing the way, and she’s in two of the five videos.)

In case anyone missed it (which is quite likely), CBS News San Francisco did a 5-part look at Paleo living, and it was approached from a surprisingly neutral standpoint. On top of that, we crazy cavepeople all came across pretty damn well, which means. . . . grab your fuckin’ skates, brethren! Hell has clearly frozen over.

Part 1 (what is Paleo? Featuring the story of the ridiculously hot Tara Grant; aka, Primal Girl. Mark Sisson also makes a brief appearance.)

Part 2 (what it is and why it is, as well as some lab study test results.)

Part 3 (10 days as part of a study — cue science’y montage! great results for the CBS correspondent.)

Part 4 (what about weight loss, though? CBS woman’s down 30 lb, so I guess that answers that.)

Part 5 (enter the fitness side, featuring CrossFit and, of course, an appearance by the Wolf himself.)

Some great stuff there I had to share. Have a good one, all, and may your hump-day tomorrow include actual humping.

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