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An August Update

August 25, 2011


Double-entendre intended, perhaps. Nothing too crazy to report. The big news is that I have a job interview with a small design and marketing firm tomorrow. RAWR! Very excited about that. I’ve been an editor for four years now, and it’s been a while since I’ve flexed the kinds of creative muscles that marketing requires. […]

You’ll Never Be the You You Can’t Be

August 4, 2011


. . .wha? You’re probably thinking “Thanks for that pithy, borderline-tautology, you Canadian jackass.” And now you might be thinking “I wasn’t thinking that! I was thinking ‘What the fuck’s a tautology?’ If I have to reach for a dictionary, it’ll be so I can brain you.” Touché. Levity aside, people interested in bettering their […]

A Practice Lost to the Ages

August 1, 2011


First, I only just got my home internet working again after 19 days without it, so sorry for the lapse! (Thank the gods for smartphones and 3G.) There are a number of posts I’m looking forward to writing and I will get to ’em. . . . eventually. For today, however, I thought I’d chat […]