I love the smell of cauterized flesh in the evening!

Posted on June 7, 2011


Subtitled: “Of biopsies and barefoot experimentation”

Just a short update here. An actual post will be coming in the next day or two.

So, as of last evening I have two brand-spankin’ new holes in me, one near my navel and the other mid-back. Should anyone ask, I’ll just tell ’em those are the entry and exit wounds of a low-calibre round taken while saving some kind of extremely cute endangered species from the depredations of heinous poachers. Yeah. . . .  That should capture both the badassery angle as well as my “I brake for lemurs” sensitive side, right?

Levity aside, it’s nothing serious. Hopefully. At this point and until I hear differently, I’m considering this little biopsy to be a preventative measure and nothing else. The dermatologist is a thorough old guy, so faith where faith is due.

I have to say it was weird watching the doc cut craters into me and then cauterize the blood vessels. It was pretty damn precise and very neatly done, all while discussing how dangerously heavy the burden of Canada’s health system has become for the practitioners. It’s a catch-22: we need more GPs and specialists in order to reduce the patient load and improve health care, but to entice more people to become GPs and specialists (and to stay in Canada once they do), the health system needs to have a stabler and lighter patient load spread. Something’s gotta give somewhere, and soon.

Anyhoo. . . .

This morning, I took my feet out for their first test-drive. Damn they work well! Who’da thunk? I’m starting to view most shoes like I do bed mattresses: We fuck ourselves up, then we create shit to support the fucked-up’ery. It’s like breaking your arm and having the doctor tell you to keep the cast on. Forever.

In order to avoid what Barefoot Ken Bob in “Barefoot Running Step by Step” calls B.R.E.S. (Barefoot Running Exuberance Syndrome — overdoing it because it feels so awesome), I took his advice and only ran for 5-7 min, even though I wanted to do closer to 15. God it felt fantastic! There really is something about unimpeded foot contact with the ground.

For anyone interested, my new fitness “regime” is looking like this:

– Monday: Spartacus Workout with 15-lb hex dumbbells now instead of 10 lb ones (and still dumbed down to two circuits of the 10 stations with 40s per station and 20s rest between).

– Tuesday: 5-8 min barefoot run around the local neighbourhood, on the gravel shoulder where available or otherwise on the rough asphalt (avoiding the sidewalk — too smooth for the purposes of training my feet).

Wednesday: Day 2 of SimpleFit Level 4 (“for strength” day). This is to change things up a bit.

– Thursday: as per Tuesday

– Friday: Spartacus Workout as of right now, but I’m very very tempted to get a sledgehammer and start doing the Urban Primalist‘s shovelglove stuff! Looks fucking awesome. (And congrats on winning the shirt, Dave! Colour me jealous! I just noticed that there’s a new shirt in Mark’s store: “Live Long. Drop Dead. Get Primal.” Hahaha! Awesome.)

– Saturday: as per Tuesday and Thursday, but with sprint intervals.

– Sunday: ponder the inner workings of the cosmos.

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