Quick Update & Some Thoughts

Posted on May 30, 2011


Got back from Kingston yesterday afternoon. I’d been helping my brother move in and giving him a bit of a tour of my old haunts from my own time there a decade ago.

Anyway, here are a few thoughts:

1. I realized that little things from being Primal carry over in ways I hadn’t considered. I don’t lift or carry boxes like I used to, for instance, and I found myself making excuses to grab up the more odd bundles, or boxes with shifting contents.

. . .I don’t think my brother wanted those dishes, anyway.

Moral of the Story: I no longer avoid “work of opportunity” but actively embrace it.

2. I’m down another few pounds; I’m 171 lb now from a stubborn 174-175 lb. I guess I’d been stalled for a while, though I really didn’t care. I’ve gotten to the point where I might weigh myself once every 6-8 weeks, and only if I’m somewhere with a scale and I actually remember to do it.

Moral of the Story: The mirror is my scale, and my emotional response to my progress is a far greater metric than any definitive number.

3. Summer makes Primal activities easy and fun as hell. Get the fuck outside. (he says, typing. . . .)

4. Emulate little kids at every opportunity. My friends’ little boy, 18 months old, gave me a run for my money last night. We danced around to the beeping tones that his sister’s Barbie van produces (when you pound on it with little hands, anyway) and darted around on all fours to exercise his collection of stuffed farm animals. He also dragged me around as he raced from window to window in the living room to look for “caw caw” (crows) out in the yard. He loves crows and we’ve no shortage of ’em here. He also likes ducks, which, thanks to Elmo and his duck song, he refers to as “qua’ qua'”s.

Moral of the Story: Moving in ways we don’t often move compounds what exercise we glean from said movements. Instead of walking down your hall, crab-walk, leopard-crawl, do lunges, or “Grok crawl.” When coming back the other way, do something else! Make that one stretch of hallway an excuse to move differently. For example, I Grok crawl in one direction and do lunges when going the other direction. Little things, people!

I’m now off to a local park to do some various exercises and get some sun (and give my new shorts a test-drive). An actual post coming later today or tomorrow.

[50 minutes later: shorts successfully tested! Love ’em. Very comfortable and moisture-wicking fabric = awesome. Jogged to the park in my VFFs and did a bunch of exercises at the park: press-ups, parallel bar dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, box jumps, and Australian pull-ups. Then walked back home and did a round of the Spartacus workout. Whew.]