The Void-That-Becomes-Malice

Posted on May 27, 2011


Human nature is home to many truisms, but the one I’m interested in (today) is that of antagonistic opposition, or what I’m gunna call the Void-That-Becomes-Malice. Hey, I’m in a Dune mood today.

As a Philosophy grad, I’d always been told by profs that one ought never define a term via examples. It’s considered “low” philosophy. Great advice, but. . . advice cheerfully ignored! Form can suck it if function stands to lose out, and it does in this instance.

So here’s an example many ought to recognize: Harley “durianrider” Johnstone vs Richard “the Animal” Nikoley, vegan (fruitarian) vs Paleo 2.0-er (meat-heavy omnivore). This is the very definition of antagonistic opposition in that quite a few of both of their posts look at reinforcing their respective positions by denigrating the opposition, which is to say each other. (As an aside, while I’ve seen some 30BaD articles, I’d actually never been to durianrider’s blog before going to grab that hyperlink. Holy shit. I find that content to be pretty frightening stuff, but that’s just me, and context and viewpoint matter, right?)

It seems hard for people to simply posit something without drawing attention to its opposite or inverse in an attempt to imply an even greater claim. Instead of saying “Primal is X — hurrah!”, we say “Primal is actually X-ier because Y is so shitty — booyah squared!”

Now, I don’t want to pick on either Harley or Richard. I know nothing about Harley except that he has terrible fucking spelling/grammar and apparently thinks B12 shots grow on shrubs, and I like Richard’s writing and am “on his side,” as it were. So yeah, I’ve got a heavy bias. Not a great place to attempt an objective criticism. Those two guys are just an example of what I’m talking about, so we’ll leave it there. If that don’t work for ya, think of political attack ads.

So how do we elevate the Primal/Paleo experience without deriding the perceived alternative? With great restraint, folks. Attacking the inverse places us in a weak position, psychologically if not other’ally. We can stand on our own feet, and awfully damn well, too. Studies and research keep bearing the Primal/Paleo approach out. Hell, I figure we’ll be mainstream within 3 years.

Hmmm. . . Actually, I guess that means we better start planning our next cult lifestyle now, huh? I propose hereby a new lifestyle I call Vampeo. We can easily catch all the stupid vamp kids, and some of the ugly-ass emo kids with the following: “Vampires are immortal. You can’t argue with an immortal diet of blood and fucking bad hair. Vampeo. Blood and the tears of high-school sissies are the recipe for immortal life. Buy the book now.”

See you guys in a few years, with less muscle and awesome and with new-found shitty Bieber hair and skinny jeans. . . and tear stained cheeks and bad poetry.

(Fuck I hate emo kids. I can’t express how much. By the way, I think I’ll address current conceptions of masculinity and femininity in a post very soon.)