Primal Hook Shots

Posted on May 27, 2011


When I was little and living in the States, I used to shoot hoops with my Poppa (maternal grandfather). Being 7 or so, I loved to try different shots like throwing the ball up and over my head while standing with my back to the hoop, hook shots, etc. — anything silly that could make me laugh. I never (or very rarely) got those shots in. My Poppa would look over at me and frown, shaking his head. Every shot he made went in.

“Patrick,” he’d say, “you can’t handle the fancy stuff until you master the basics. Why are you throwing the ball like that when you can’t throw it normally?”

Of course, being 7, I listened dutifully and for a while I’d take normal shots. Some even went in. That only lasted so long before I went back to being silly and missing all the time. Such is the life of a kid.

But I never forgot what he said, and I try to apply it to everything I do.

So let’s get to the point. On the Primal Blueprint forums over at MDA, I constantly see people trying to take hook shots. Mark’s laid out the blueprint, and it works for 80-90% of people. Or it would if they’d stop fucking around with tweaks to it before even giving it a chance to work.

In gaming parlance, people aren’t playing as per the PB RAW (rules as written) and complaining the game is broken.

I suppose that’d be fine, except their stupidities and resultant failures reflect on the PB and all we Primal folk. And, even worse than that, they drive us batshit on the forums. Here are some subject lines I’ve seen: “I’ve been doing PB for 4 days and I haven’t lost a pound!” “Do I need to be in ketosis to lose weight?” “No CARB?!”

There are dozens more and each fills me with a caustic and unrelenting rage. Fuckin’ hell, people.

The following huge-ass message should be located at the top of every new post screen on the Nutrition Forum, if not the others:

1. Did you read the book? If not, do so.

2. If issues persist after 1), have you tried a search regarding the issue, both in the forums and on the blog? If not, do so.

There’d be 90% fewer posts. Since Internet stupidity is contagious, the less we start with the better we’ll all be.

We all get carried away. Hell, I’ve made all kinds of modifications to the basic Primal Blueprint blueprint. However, I made sure the overall framework functioned and then made small tweaks from there.

The 10 Primal Laws exist for a reason. People practice reductionism every day, with everything imaginable. We need to take huge and complex things and reduce them down to simpler and more compact things. It’s how we function. The 10 Laws provide that necessary reductionism, but people are getting lost in the space between those laws.

Before going off the reservation and tweaking and hacking the shit out of the PB, please practice it as is. Bad analogy: If you were jogging and fell down, would you suddenly assume that jogging just isn’t working for you? Would you then seek to fix it by sticking the shoes on your head and crab-walking? Probably not, unless you’re secretly a South Park crab person and you’ve mastered the secret art of crab-jogging. Or you’re pants-on-head retarded. So why are you fucking with the Primal Blueprint before giving it a chance to do its thing?

In essence, stop trying to take Primal hook shots when you can’t do a jump shot or bank shot. You’ll always miss if you don’t build upon a solid foundation comprised of strong basics.

This post was written in memory of my old-fashioned, well-intentioned and ever-crotchety Poppa.