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Quick Update & Some Thoughts

May 30, 2011


Got back from Kingston yesterday afternoon. I’d been helping my brother move in and giving him a bit of a tour of my old haunts from my own time there a decade ago. Anyway, here are a few thoughts: 1. I realized that little things from being Primal carry over in ways I hadn’t considered. […]

The Void-That-Becomes-Malice

May 27, 2011


Human nature is home to many truisms, but the one I’m interested in (today) is that of antagonistic opposition, or what I’m gunna call the Void-That-Becomes-Malice. Hey, I’m in a Dune mood today. As a Philosophy grad, I’d always been told by profs that one ought never define a term via examples. It’s considered “low” […]

Primal Hook Shots

May 27, 2011


When I was little and living in the States, I used to shoot hoops with my Poppa (maternal grandfather). Being 7 or so, I loved to try different shots like throwing the ball up and over my head while standing with my back to the hoop, hook shots, etc. — anything silly that could make […]

And we’re off!

May 26, 2011


In an attempt to move away from the sometimes all-consuming back-and-forth of the official Primal Blueprint Forums, I’ve decided to take my filthy mouth and employ more of a soapbox approach. We’ll see how that goes. Welcome anyone reading, and hope to talk to you soon! A real first post will be coming shortly.